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We do fixing all kinds of mosquito nets for windows and doors at both residential, and commercial places like colleges, hostels, hospitals, Universities, Restaurants, Industries, factories, and Shopping malls, etc., We are one of the leading mosquito net dealers in Bangalore city come to you with ISO certified Quality products at the Budget price. We have a great source of manpower for mosquito net installation in Musiri. Our adroit staff members finish mosquito net fixing in Trichy on time.

This is one of the most enquiried and low budget mosquito net in Tirchy and around city. This mosquito net is simple and elegant which comes with different colors of gray, black, ivory or yellow and double color mosquito screens at budget price Rs.25 rupees per square feet. This kind of netlon mosquito net can be fixed in the windows and doors. If you are in rental home, this type of mosquito screen can be preferred.

There are two types of netlon mosquiton net installation method available.

a) If you have a wooden window, we will just stapled the hooks along with it and loops will be stiched on every border of the velcro nets. Then we just stick the velcro screen in the hooks. Carpentry works or wood works will be required to make wooden reaper in order to fix the Fiber glass mosquito nets. This type of mosquito net is easy to wash and handle. Washing is very easy, all you have to do is, just soak the used saint gobain or netlon velcro nets into water, rinse and hang on the rope. As it’s a portable mosquito model, you can take it anywhere.
b) If you have a uPVC window or Aluminium window type, wood works are not required. Instead of the carpentry works, we can just stick the velcro screens into the windows with the help of adhesive hooks and loops. Rs.45/square feet will be charged for sticker type. Get Free Quotation on mosquito net velcro type Madurai from leading mosquito net shop Royal Fabrics. Get mosquito net installation done on time and get price negotiation on bulk orders.

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Insect screen is time tested, environment-friendly, and offers you 24 hrs protection from mosquitoes.

  • Classic Window Mosquito Net.
  • Magnetic Window Mosquito Net.
  • Smart Door Mosquito Net.
  • Solid Door Mosquito Net.
  • Pleated Mosquito Net.
  • Roller Mosquito Net.
  • Heavy Sliding Mosquito Net.
  • Barrier Free Mosquito Net.
In short, you should use knotted netting for windows if you are trying to protect yourself from mosquitoes. For all other types of bugs use braided netting if you are trying to protect yourself from either of the two. For the tightest weave and best protection against all types of bugs, choose continuous filament mesh.
This is 110 Gsm Pvc Coated Fiberglass Net. Its Strong, Flexible, Durable, Washable and Very Easy to Install. Package Contents:1 Mosquito Net. For Eg, if You Buy 3×4 Ft Net, the Sum of All Sides is 14 Ft and Each Hook Loop Tape is 16ft (16ft Sticky Loop, 16ft Regular Hook)
Multi-layer graphene can provide a two-fold defense against mosquito bites, research finds. According to the study in PNAS, the ultra-thin yet strong material acts as a barrier that mosquitoes can’t bite through.

It can be polyester, cotton, polyethylene, or nylon. Mosquito net with polyester netting is the best and most widely used. It is lightweight and more durable than cotton or any other type of material.